Bamboo toothbrushes and a happy planet


100% Recycleable

Like you, we treat recycling as a way of life. Disposable plastic products are filling up our landfills at a record pace, and we all need to do our part in stopping it. We crafted each toothbrush with an organic bamboo handle that can be composted or recycled and naturally disintegrates over time. 


Medium Stiffness Bristles

The brush’s medium bristles sweep away plaque and remove stains with minimal effort by you - no more rigorous brushing to no avail! The BPA and phthalate free white nylon bristles help your pearly whites shine brighter than ever.


Multiple Colors

There are 5 great colors to choose from: blue, green, natural, purple, and red. The paints are all water based and help you color code the brushes between family members. Pick up a few so you can leave one in your car, in your purse, at a friend’s house or in a travel pack.


This is a well-made and beautiful toothbrush

F. Tad

Great product! Really gets your mouth clean, would definitely recommend!

Elizabeth T.

Comfortable to use, good looking and environmentally friendly too!

Amazon Customer

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